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Project finished: Z06 Corvette (C6) rear diffuser and diffuser bottom plate

A racing oriented customer wanted to replace the original Corvette lower rear panel with an actual carbon fibre diffuser assembly. And we were right there to help him out. In addition to the rear plate assembly, we also manufactured an aero-bottom plate, that extends to the front of the rear axle, improving amount of downforce created. The diffuser bottom plate bolts to the stock rear sub frame/cross member/ transaxle frame. The rear diffuser plate is supported by additional brackets, but everything can be restored to its original form: absolutely no cutting was done to the original Corvette body panels. Holes were only drilled to non-visible areas on the rear of the car.


The vertical diffuser plates are removable and thus replaceable. That enables this diffuser to have both "track mode" and "street mode" in one package -which should keep the local authorities happy as well. The vertical diffuser plates are also fast to remove & replace, if (=when) the inevitable oopsie happens on the track.


In this case, the customer opted for matt-finish carbon surface. The end result looks stunning on a silver grey car. Glossy or painted surface finish options are also available.


This was a racing oriented, turn key project, but we can supply parts from this set as a DIY-kit. This will bring the price down to a reasonable level, yet the "hard-to-find" component (the rear plate) is supplied. Example: for a street driven car we could supply an undrilled (=no exhaust pipe holes cut) rear diffuser plate (without vertical diffuser plates or the mounting hardware for the plates), and semi-start-parts for diffuser side mounting hardware. Frame-side mounting brackets not included. Installation of this DIY-kit requires some degree of fabrication skills, as not all components are included in the kit, and as the plate needs to be fitted to the car in question (example: drilling exhaust pipe holes according to your exhaust system). Contact us with your needs, and get a quotation. (Check out the attached picture, and use "Contact us"-button on the top of the page.)